Sanctuary M Rainforest - Nero + Moss



Sanctuary M Rainforest is a medium size mossarium for use on dining tables, bench tops, side tables and wet areas, housing a 6” piece of moss and features a conical profile funnel that directs condensation back on the foliage. Sanctuary M Rainforest emulates nature's water cycle system, allowing you to enjoy moss and moisture loving plants all year-round without lifting a finger.

Modern Sprout is thrilled to be the exclusive US distributor of Australian-based Botanica. Their line of mossariums and terrariums is an exploration of design x nature, displaying and appreciating nature within a pure and minimal aesthetic. Considering ease of care, packaging, compact solutions and natural materials, Botanica offers objects that enable the relocation of nature indoors to enhance everyday life.

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  • 6" Container of Moss
  • Glass Closed Top
  • Nero Marble Base Silicon Insert
  • Watering Mister
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Retail Gift Packaging


  • Size: 6.3” d x 5.5” h
  • Weight: 5lb

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