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Smart Growbar
Kerry Lopez
So far, so great!

I ordered two of the Smart Growbars for my bookcase and they were super easy to install and set up with the ModSprout app. My plants are loving the light and I am loving their sleek, unobtrusive design and the lighting presets.

I could have used this a while ago!

Makes pulling herbs so much easier!

Missing coco disc

Hello , Super cute , but I’m missing the coco disc ?

Hi Jackie!

We're sorry to hear you're diskless. If you're in a rush, about a cup and a half of potting soil is plenty to get your kit started.

Else, we're happy to replace it! Just email our team at with your information and we'll be sure to help you get growing ASAP.

-The Modern Sprout Team

Smart Growhouse
Katherine Folkins
Lovely light planter, I love these products

Great product

Missing plant food?

Everything looks great however it seems to be missing the plant food. The other ones I had received all had it except the poppies is there anyway to get the same food from you guys? These are such cute little planters w/ a great set up super easy too., So I really am looking forward to planting these as well I just wanted to give these guys the best chance of growing to their full potential. Thank you!

Hi Kari!

Your plant food should be under the fiber pot which is removed before you start the planting process. If you find the plant food is still missing, send us an email at for one-on-one help!

-The MS Team

Works ok but what to do after it sprouts or doesn't?

So, I have had success with the mason jar kit growing basil, aloe, and some flowers. But once they start growing, I'd like to know how to transplant them? No real information there and if the seeds don't sprout, as they did for me for mint and another basil plant - how do I get replacement seeds to start again?

Hi Jeanine!

Our kits are self contained, so your plants are meant to live their lives in our vessels. The length of such cycles do vary from plant to plant as that is nature!

If you reach out to our service email at, our support team can offer great advice and may be able to set up up with a fresh start!

-The MS Team


Great Product!! I have four of these and I am obsessed. They are great for dark new york city apartments as the light adds a perfect touch not to mention the plants that help purify the air. I love this product and my plants love it as well.

Seed Bomb - 3 Pack
Donna Morgan
Extremely fast

Everything came faster than I expected. I can't wait to get these little gems in some dirt! I am looking forward to reaping the rewards.


Hello!! I received as a gift but I don't have the food for the plants

Hi Lucia! Please reach out to our service team at They'll be able to help :)

Found the hiding seeds!

Thank you for your quick response to my email and my review. What great customer service! The seeds and fertilizer were there, between the moss pot and the pot. Excited to get this growing and appreciate your service, thank you.

No seeds or anything except the pot and the discs

Suprised that this sweet gift I recieved didn't include all the products needed. Disappointed.

Hi Lori! Have you checked under the coco basket between the spot with the disks and the terracotta container itself? If so, we'd still be happy to replace your seeds if you can reach out to our email at!

Missing the wick

Just bought this in the local store and excitedely wanted to set it up. How ever, the kit is kissing the wick. Very disappointed considering the price.

Hi Simona,
We sent an email over to your inbox to get you growing as intended, we hope we can help! -The Modern Sprout Team

Broken pot

Hi! So we received the healing aloe in a package we get every week called Fair Trade Friday and the pot was broken. the net pot won't work unless i can find a pot the same size as the one sent. so far i haven't been able to. I was wondering if i can buy just the pot?

Hi Kirk!

We're so sorry to hear your package from the group called Fair Trade Friday arrived broken. We do not sell our pots separately at this time, and we are following up with you directly. Please keep an eye on your inbox for us!

-The Modern Sprout Team

Garden Jars - Herbs
Sister Susan Kuk

I was given the basil grow kit but there was no carbon in the jar. Is that going to effect the growth process?

Hi Susan!

Your kit will still grow without the carbon, we're so sorry to have forgotten it!

A light sprinkling of cinnamon from your spice cabinet will have the same effect. Make sure to keep your jar in full sun, and you'll be golden!
-The MS Team

Heavy but durable

Love all Modern Sprout items. This is metal and quite heavy and made well.

Smart Growhouse
Peter Sloane

Great product

Terracotta Grow Kits
tricia grame

I was given the garden party set as a gift. Cute idea but no directions on how to use it. Has the self-watering rosemary grow kit but I have no idea how much water to put in it, where to put it, how to use it, can it be reused...anything. It also has an infusion flask, no directions. It would be nice to know possible uses. There are a few other items (which I already have). It was a thoughtful gift but lost on me.

Hi Tricia!

All of our kit instructions can be found under the 'Learn' tab on our website. Click under 'Instruction Manuals' and go to 'gift sets.' We hope this helps!

-The MS Team

A little disappointed

I only got the pot and soil disc’s
No seeds and no plant food I’m planing on just buying more for my cats though
Great pot, a little bit disappointed but at least seeds are cheap. But overall it’s really good and the other plants I got are amazing. Annoying inconvenience for sure but doesn’t deserve a bad rating. Have a good day 😁

Hi Haley!

Your seeds and plant food are located between the cocopot and the terracotta pot. Still missing? Email us at our service email :)
-The MS Team

Cutest little plants

Can’t wait to buy more! This is an amazing company that just leaves my space feeling so cozy and complete.

Missing Seeds

I got this kit as a gift from my work but it’s missing the seeds and the plant food. The pot, coco husk and coco pith are included though.

Hi Natasha! We sent a message to your inbox. We'd love to get you growing ASAP!

Have you checked under the coco basket between the spot with the disks and the terracotta container itself? Our kits come with them underneath to keep them secure in shipping.

Garden Jars - Herbs
Rebecca Vasquez
Simply Amazing!!!

I love organic cilantro! I use it on everything I make. Especially my famous salsa bowls in special gatherings. It is a must buy for sure!!! So happy I did and will continue for more on Modern Sprouts! :)

Beautiful + Functional

Beautiful + love languages. The warm brass with the greenery is the perfect color combination. And the technology that makes me look like a plant rockstar (which I am so not) is hidden but works quite well to make sure my houseplants get the 'sunshine' they need.

Hi Michelle! You are totally a rockstar. We hope your plants enjoy their sunshine!

GREAT product!! Fun idea!

I’ve purchased 5 of these over the last month. Fabulous gift ideas or treats for yourself. Their customer service is BEYOND fantastic. I’ll be back for more!

All around cool- a little flimsy construction

I bought one of these for my best friend and me for Christmas: she loves it so much! I am really enjoying mine, but have found that when I have the lights set to partial sun for tropical house plants there is a really high-pitched annoying singing sound that goes away when I bring the light back up to full sun. So when I am in the dining room I have to turn it off so I don’t hear that noise. I also found that the construction is a bit flimsy but overall is a very cool product and highly recommend.

Hi Rosemary,

We recently sent over an email to your on-file address in hopes to help you troubleshoot. We hope to hear from you soon!

Holiday Favorites Bundle
Cate Thomson
Favorite gift!

I rarely hear about a Christmas gift days after it’s been received, but this one has come up in conversations multiple times! This was such a big hit!