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I LOVE!!!!

This jar works wonders! I love my constantly sprouting beautiful indoor basil!!! Thank you!!!!!

A huge change for my plants without a change in decor

This light has allowed me to put plants where I couldn't have them before, without sacrificing the clean look of the shelves. But then the flowering plants started staying in bloom and the succulents stayed happy, and I realized what a light deficit they had before, even in my sunniest space. I'm looking forward to adding a couple more.

Garden Jars - Herbs
Camryn Johnson
Love these

on my way to buy more! These work great just at my window and my sprouts look so happy!!!

Love bringing the garden into my home!

I bought several items for gifts. I loved the look so much that I ordered some items for myself & my office.

Definitely a Joy

I have gardened outside but it’s so hot here, I’m starting my indoor projects. My Basil is gorgeous and just popped sprouts. So I check it every day! I highly recommend this Company. Love my starter Basil ! Lookin good!

Great gift

Got these as a gift and they were well received.
Saw that they worked well on store bought flower stems which are probably on the thicker side of what these were designed for but they cut easily and cleanly.
Seem to work well ambidextrously unlike a lot of standard scissors.

Pruning Shears
Beth Fischer

Truly excellent shears, I have two pairs. Sharp, cuts like a dream. Fits well in the hand. Looks cute. What more could you ask for?

Herb Pull & Pinch Dish
Sherri Belouin
Handy herb pull

Received this as a gift. So useful with my fresh herbs.


I bought three of these (cilantro, basil, parsley) and was thinking to myself "it's worth the risk--even if they don't sprout, at least I'll get some fun colorful mason jars." But lemme tell ya they are GROWING! The basil sprouted up first, and the other two took almost 2 weeks before sprouting. But they're well on their way! feels like a bit of magic in our home—always fun to check in on them and see how they're doing. Super excited about this purchase, and will def be giving them as gifts in the future. I'm really glad I took a chance on these. If you're on the fence, go for it!

A great gift

My daughter loves plants and had asked for the portrait grow frame. I gave it to her as a birthday present. She LOVES it! She put it on a wall with two other black picture frames. I would also like to say the customer service was wonderful.

Snow Globe Nostalgia - Gift Kit Corcoran

Snow Globe Nostalgia - Gift Kit

Smart Growhouse
Matthew Hirsch
Love this thing!

Bigger than I expected and works perfect on my desk. The app is a breeze to use.

Growing Lil Babe!

I received this as a housewarming gift! I have tried other growing kits and was never successful, this one however like it states started sprouting in 4 days or so! I now have one large sprout growing (3") and 2 others waiting to sprout. My only question is in the instructions it does not direct when to repot or what to do after it has gotten bigger. Will be doing research into this to be sure this plant sticks around for the long haul. :)

Uplift Planter
Cheryl Tobler
Great idea

I adopted grow lights a few years ago because my plants were not receiving enough daylight. When I saw the Kickstarter project about Modern Sprouts and this amazing plant idea, I hopped on board. I just received the planters two days ago and only had time to assemble them - I have not potted any plants. The assembly was quite easy, no problems there. The construction quality appears top notch. I am looking forward to potting some plants and seeing how well these work. Bye bye dark corners - these planters will soon be fixing that!nn


I can’t believe how amazing this is. I got the Basil Garden Jar for a Christmas present and set it up the next day. Within a month I was eating fresh basil and it kept going for six months. I made pesto 3 times!. Going to try other herbs too! Kept it on the kitchen counter with a small grow light. Love it!

Watering Cans
Beautiful design and well made!

This is a gorgeous watering can. It would make a great gift for any plant lover. It looks very well made, beautiful green paint. I saw this in a local high end shop and was very impressed. I never thought I would spend that much on a watering can but this is a work of art. You could also use it as a flower vase.

Love these snips

These are functional, comfortable and really pretty. Great design all around!

Works like a charm

These haven't failed. I've purchased twice before and they all have worked out great. Will probably be buying more as gifts soon.

Pruning Shears
Jane Campbell
Buy these sheers!!!!!!

I have always had a serious obsession for all types of scissors, sheers, and nippers. They have to feel good and work well.
These are the very best flower sheers I have ever owned.
I have even given then as gifts because I love them so much.
I cut off my hosta flowers when they start to grow.
I use them for trimming house plants and all fresh cut flowers, for display in a vase.
They are perfect in size, well balanced, feel good in my hand, work well, are very sharp and effective.
All I do is wipe the blades clean and dry blades well after use.
I cannot say enough about these sheers!!!
Buy them.... you need them!

Uplift Planter
Orterio Villa
LOVE my Uplift Planters

I purchased 3 of these planters and they are amazing. The planters combine my wife’s love of plants and my appreciation for lighting and design. The app makes it easy to schedule when the plants need light and how much light they should receive. I’m considering getting another planter for my office.

Pruning Shears
shayna barreca

Haven’t used yet but purchased as a gift and one for me. They are very pretty to keep in the kitchen

My Favorite Growlight

This frame is my favorite way to bring greenery into spaces that wouldn't allow for it otherwise! Like a windowless bathroom.. OR TWO. The frame is super easy to install, super sturdy and easy and manage with the app. Love that there are set schedules and different light settings for different types of plants, even custom settings if need be.

Uplift Planter
Ryan Stewart
Very Cool Planter!

Well packaged, thoughtful design. Love the functionality and look of it. It’s fun and I can have a plant in my windowless office now!

Watering Can - Evergreen
Plant Person
Evergreen Watering can

I really contemplated spending so much on this watering can. It was a real eye catcher on the website and gorgeous in person; however, when completely full, a little difficult to hold as the handle is not comfortable.
Still love it!

Beautiful and functional

This is a beautiful planter. I put it in an area of my home with very little light. I set the grow light on a timer, so my plant automatically gets enough light. It was very easy to put together. I love the versatility in being able to separate the planter from the grow light. And, I love that it's all in one for those times I may need to give a particular plant a little extra care in a secluded area. I would buy this again.